SSB Interview Preparation Material - Download Free PDF

SSB Interview Preparation Material - Download Free PDF
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SSB 2020 Preparation Material

The SSB Interview 2020 for entries like: NDA, AFCAT, TES and others are going to be conducted very soon. Candidates who are going to attend the SSB interview for Army, Airforce and Navy requires a strong foundation and preparation material for the final execution of SSB 2020.

Defence Guru comes up with the FREE SSB 2020 preparation material where SSB aspirants will be benefited with free PDF’s, ebooks, PPDT sample test sheet, PIQ form, OIR test sample questions, dossier assessment, WAT practice set and many more.

SSB Interview consists of 5 days of rigorous testing of candidates through a complicated process. The Services Selection Board (SSB) tests students on the basis of physical, mental, social, educational, psychological and moral abilities.


SSB Interview Pattern

In 5 Days SSB Interview there are basically two vital stages of this whole process:


STAGE I Testing

  1. Screening include Verbal & Non Verbal Test and PPDT


STAGE II Testing

  1. Psychology include Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Self Description Test (SD)
  2. GTO include Group Discussion (GD), GPE or MPE (group/military planning exercise), Progressive group task (PGT), Snake Race/Group Obstacle Race, Individual Lecturette (IO), Half Group Task (HGT), Individual Obstacles, Command task, Final Group Task (FGT)
  3. Personal Interview
  4. Conference.


FREE SSB Interview preparation material consist of WAT, TAT, SRT, SD, PPDT, GTO and Personal interview books and ebooks. CLICK on the below links and avail most important questions, forms, ebooks benefits at the defence guru. These SSB interview books and ebooks would help you to clear the SSB and AFSB Interview.


SSB 2020 Preparation Screening test:

Download PIQ Form for SSB Interview

Download OIR SSB Test Sample Questions

SSB OIR Sample Questions Practice

Download SSB PPDT Sample Test Sheet

How to Perform Well in PPDT

Download Dossier Assessment in SSB Interview


SSB 2020 Preparation Psychology Tests:

TAT Practice: Click Here

WAT Practice: Click Here

WAT Examples: Click Here

SRT Practice: Click Here   Click Here


SSB 2020 Preparation GTO:

Top 10 Lecturette Topics

Latest Lecturette Topics


SSB 2020 Preparation Interview:

Most Proficient Language for SSB Interview

SSB Interview Questions



Download the free SSB preparation material books and ebooks in PDF format from the links given above. Avail the free and most important FREE SSB 2020 preparation material. Practice the most authentic and reliable FREE SSB 2020 preparation material.