50 GD Topics for NDA SSB Interview

50 GD Topics for NDA SSB Interview
18-November 2022...........

50 GD (Group Discussion) Topics for NDA SSB Interview - Check Latest GD Topics

One of the essential assessments in the SSB interview process is the group discussion or GD for short. On Day 3 of the SSB interview, the Group Testing Officer (GTO) will administer the group discussion test as one of the tasks. The applicants are given two topics to debate back-to-back as part of the group discussion. Significant national, global, economic, and current affairs issues are all covered. It is obvious that you must be prepared in advance and have a solid understanding of a variety of topics. In this article, we'll look at 50 of the latest and most important GD topics for the NDA SSB Interview as well as provide a general introduction to group discussion.


A group conversation is a great method to show how knowledgeable you are about contemporary issues and current trends, as well as how aware you are of the events taking place all around you. It is a procedure where you have the chance to formally express your thoughts and opinions on certain issues, sometimes even ones that are disputed. Therefore, it ought to be obvious to state that you should be well-versed in a wide range of topics as listed below in order to be ready for group discussion in the NDA SSB interview. But first, let's look at some of the fundamental components of group discussions in SSB interviews.


  • Make a positive impression on the officer


Throughout the discussion, your position should remain straight and comfortable. When you have the chance to start a conversation, do it since it will make a positive impact on the officer who is assessing your conduct, mental attentiveness, thought process, and overall attitude. Maintain eye contact with everyone in the group; this will give you more opportunities to talk.


  • Do valuing other people's thoughts


Stick to your thoughts firmly while also appreciating the ideas of others to be strong while remaining humble. As an SSB candidate, you should keep in mind that because this is a group discussion, you will be evaluated on a collective level. As a result, you should be both outspoken and listening. Make sure that people are looking at you as you respond to others' opinions; this is another approach to be spotted by the assessor.


  • Before speaking, give it some thought


Remember that you are being observed and evaluated, so avoid making the same argument repeatedly. Also, consider your words carefully before speaking. When the group conversation is taking place, try including some real-world data along with some sincere opinions. Put up your ideas, but avoid fighting or arguing with other members of the group in order to ensure a constructive group discussion.


  • Expressing your ideas in a responsible manner


If you are unfamiliar with the topic, do not be intimidated; instead, attempt to pay attention to others in a constructive manner for a while. This will enable you to quickly form your own opinions. You should remember that group discussions are not just about spreading information; they are also about sharing your opinions on the subject. As a result, make sure you create the discipline of not only consuming the newspaper but also analyzing information about central concerns.


50 Most Important GD Topics for NDA SSB Interview


  1. India’s Defence exports

  2. Women in Armed Forces

  3. Atmanirbhar Bharat in the Defence

  4. NATO’s role in International relations

  5. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis

  6. India @ 75

  7. Role of Media in Democracy

  8. Russia-Ukraine war

  9. Uniform Civil Code

  10. Unification of the Indian Armed Forces

  11. Global Refugee Crisis

  12. Major Government Schemes 

  13. Pros & Cons of Drone Technology

  14. Quad vs BRICS

  15. Post-Covid world

  16. Artificial Intelligence

  17. The emergence of Electric Vehicles

  18. Modernisation of armed forces

  19. Fit India Movement

  20. Coastal security of India

  21. Military Leadership

  22. India – Russia relations

  23. Appointment of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)

  24. India’s Digital Currency


  26. Defence Expo 2022 

  27. e-RUPI: Merits and Demerits

  28. Regionalism vs Nationalism

  29. Criminalization of politics

  30. India-US relations

  31. India-China relations

  32. India’s foreign policy

  33. Youth empowerment

  34. Role of the UN in Peacekeeping

  35. The problem of unemployment

  36. Women empowerment

  37. Indigenous Defence Production

  38. S-400 Missiles Systems

  39. India – Pakistan relations

  40. AFSPA and its applications

  41. India as a developing country. 

  42. Freebie politics in India

  43. Role of India in the United Nations

  44. Industrial Revolution 4.0

  45. UNFCCC - COP -27

  46. Reservations based on economic status

  47. Impact of fake news on society

  48. India as a permanent seat in UNSC

  49. Concept of a cashless society

  50. United Nations and the Climate Change


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