Defence Related Questions for SSB Interview

Defence Related Questions for SSB Interview
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Defence Related Questions for SSB Interview Preparation

SSB is five days selection process in which candidates are assessed through various psychological and physical tests like OIR(officers intelligence rating test), PPDT(picture perception and description test), TAT(thematic apperception test), WAT(word association test), SRT (situation reaction test), GTO and personal interview. After qualifying for these tests, Candidates are recommended for the Armed Forces as an officer.


Defence Related Knowledge is very necessary for SSB Aspirants. Defence Related Questions are asked in SSB personal interview. Candidates are expected to know about the weapons, structures, fighter jets, missiles etc of the Indian Armed Forces. They should also know about how these Defence Assets work and what their importance is.


Question-1 What is the difference between the fourth-generation fighter jets and the fifth-generation fighter jets?

Answer- The main difference between the fourth generation fighter jets and the fifth generation fighter jets is ‘the stealth feature’. Additionally, The fifth-generation fighter jets are highly maneuverable and carry weapons inside them. F-22 and F-35 are examples of fifth-generation fighter jets.


Question-2 What is the difference between a semi-automatic weapon and an automatic weapon?

Answer- A semi-automatic weapon fires a shot when the trigger is pulled, but an automatic weapon fires bullets until the trigger is released.


Question-3 Who is popularly known as ‘the God of War’?

Answer- Artillery is known as ‘the God of War’. Because the majority of deaths in war are caused by Artillery. Joseph Stalin called Artillery ‘God of War’ for the first time.


Question-4 Who is popularly known as ‘the Queen of War’?

Answer- The infantry is known as ‘the Queen of War’. The phrase “the Queen of War or Battle’ was widely used during the time of Napoleon to highlight the importance of the Infantry.


Question-5 What is the difference between Ballistic Missiles and Cruise Missiles?

Answer- Ballistic Missiles are launched into the atmosphere and then move towards the pre-decided target. Cruise Missiles move near the surface towards a predecided target or an after-launch target. Cruise Missiles are very hard to detect because they move close to the surface. Brahmos is a cruise missile and Agni is a ballistic missile.


Question-6 What is the name of the main battle tank of the Indian Army?

Answer- Arjun is the main battle tank of the Indian Army. It is a third-generation tank developed by DRDO. Arjun Mk1 is a variant of Arjun main battle tank of the Indian Army.


Question-7 Where is the tri-service command of the Indian Armed Forces located?

Answer- Tri-service command of the Indian Armed Forces is located at Andaman and Nicobar. This command is jointly managed by Army, the Navy, and Airforce.


Question-8 What are Special Forces Units in India?

Answer- Special Forces of India and their parent organisations are following as-

   Special Forces                    Parent Organisation

    Ghatak-                                        Indian Army

    Para Special Forces-                   Indian Army

    Garud-                                         Indian Airforce

    Marcos-                                       Indian Navy,

    NSG(National Security Guards)- Ministry of Home Affairs

    SFF(Special Frontier Force)-      RAW(Research and Analysis Wing)



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