Real NDA Mock Interview of Saniya Mirza by Sir Shishir DIxit

Real NDA Mock Interview of Saniya Mirza by Sir Shishir DIxit
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To Be India's 1st NDA Air Force Pilot from Muslim Community - Saniya Mirza


Proud Centurion Saniya Mirza, perhaps, requires no introduction now. She has already become a youth icon and inspiration for millions of defence aspirants who want to make their career in the armed forces. Saniya Mirza, the daughter of a T.V. mechanic has done what seems impossible for others. Saniya Mirza was part of Centurion Defence Academy’s Pragati batch and qualified for the NDA-149 course under the guidance of Sishir Sir, Chief SSB Mentor and Centurion Defence Academy.


Mock Interview of Saniya Mirza NDA 149 Recommended Candidate


Sishir Sir is the chief SSB mentor at Centurion Defence Academy and a psychology expert. Under his guidance and training, thousands of candidates have secured their fortune in the armed forces. Sishir Sir is a regular author in many national newspapers and writes about defence and security affairs. He is known for his keen sight of assessing the personality of candidates.


Personal Interview is conducted between the second and fourth day of five days SSB interview process. The deputy commandant of the SSB board generally conducts the personal interview. Candidates can learn from the responses of Saniya and bring change inside them.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Saniya, why you are looking so down?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: No, Sir I don't think I am looking to be down.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Ok, Saniya Tell me something about yourself.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, My name is Saniya and I am preparing for NDA and pursuing side by side. I have passed matriculation with 84% and intermediate with 88.4%. My hobbies are Cycling, Cooking, Singing, and Running and I have developed a hobby of reading books recently.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Saniya, Why only Indian Air Force?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, It is my interest and I wanted to be a fighter pilot since I was in 6th class. I am also inspired by wing commander Abhinandan Varthman and Flying Lieutenant Avni Chaturvedi. That’s why I decided to join Indian Air Force.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Saniya, Which language you will choose for your interview?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, English


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Why not Hindi Saniya, you are from Hindibhasi( (Hindi dominant) area.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, I am comfortable in both.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: So Saniya I will be asking you certain questions in Hindi and certain questions in English.


I.O. asks Questions in Hindi….


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Saniya Tell me about your family background, your Father and Mother, your siblings, and What you learn from them.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir I would like to start with my Father, He is a LED T.V. mechanic. My Mother is a housewife and I have two elder brothers who are pursuing graduation.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, I learn from my father's sense of responsibility and hard work. I learn from my mother's management skills and sense of care. I learn about responsibility from my brothers also.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Do you fight with your siblings?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Yes Sir, I fight with my siblings over belongings.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Whom do your parents love most, you or yours siblings?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, they love us equally. But as I am the only girl child and the youngest child so they love me more.


I.O. asks Questions in English…


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Who do you love most, your father or your mother?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, I love them equally.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Saniya, whom you will inform about your selection first, your mother or your father?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, I will inform them together.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: But, you can not inform both of them at the same time.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, I will call my father and ask him to call my mother. Then I will inform them together.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Have you joined any coaching to prepare for SSB?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Yes Sir. I have joined Centurion Defence Academy to prepare for SSB.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: How did you come to know about Centurion Defence Academy and what did you learn from here?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, I came to know about Centurion Defence Academy from Youtube and I learnt lots of things from here. I became more disciplined and confident after joining Centurion Defence Academy. My G.K. was very weak and after taking coaching from here, I improved in G.K. a lot.


Rapid Fire Round…


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Saniya, Tell me how many friends you have. Tell me about your best friend. Tell me about your favourite book. And also tell me if you are selected what will you improve inside you? Tell me about your routine both on working days and on holidays.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, I have a small friend circle, we help each other with studies and other things. And Sir, If I get recommended I would like to play lots of Sports. I will improve my communication skills also. I will try to learn new languages also.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, My daily routine starts at 5 am and after that, I go for cycling. In the morning, I do some exercise. At 7 o’clock, I have my breakfast. After that, I go to college and come back at 3 pm. Then, I go for coaching and study for NDA and SSB. At 12 am, I go to sleep.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Tell me the historical background of Mirzapur and also tell me the longitude and latitude of Mirzapur.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, Mirzapur came into existence in 1700…(gets interrupted and asked to give the answer to the rest of the question).

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, Longitude of Mirzapur is 82 degree and 3 minute and IST passes from Amravati Chauraha of Mirzapur.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: What is prime meridian?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: It is 0-degree longitude and it is the reference point of time. It is from this place, time is calculated.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Saniya, you like cycling. Tell me about centrifugal force.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, when we go for cycling and take a sharp turn, we feel the inclination to Bicycle. This inclination is felt due to centrifugal force.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Which Aircraft you would like to fly?

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Sir, I would like to fly Rafale.


Sishir Sir (Interviewing Officer)-: Tell me about Rafale.

Saniya Mirza (Candidate)-: Rafale is a 4.5-generation fighter aircraft. Its range is 3000 km. Rafale is made by the french company Dassault. India had bought a total of 36 Rafales.



Centurion Defence Academy is proud of its outstanding student Saniya Mirza. Saniya Mirza is one of the thousands of candidates mentored and trained by Centurion Defence Academy. Centurion Defence Academy offers candidates a unique mentorship and psychological guidance that is not available anywhere else. Centurion Defence Academy provides its students with India’s biggest GTO ground and in 21 days of the course of SSB, Candidates will surely feel that their personality has improved revolutionary. 







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